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The Unloved Boy

A Fantasy Novel by Sharique Zea

About the Author

An Emerging Talent
in the Fantasy Genre

Sharique Zea is a new author with immense talent. He currently works in financial services in London. Sharique has a love for adventure and storytelling. He hopes that his new book, The Unloved Boy, serves as the perfect story for anyone looking to find a meaningful read. 

Finding Strength
in Darkness

Life is often not fair and unpredictable, but it takes a brave soul to stand firm even when life gets difficult. The Unloved Boy conveys a lot of important messages to its readers.


Finding the strength to continue your journey, even if there are forces working against you.


Believing in yourself and the potential you hold to change your destiny.


Acknowledging your trauma and actively trying to overcome it.


Trusting yourself and your ability to fight for justice and love.

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Embark on a journey with Jason, the captivating protagonist in Sharique Zea’s new book, The Unloved Boy. As an orphan Jason has suffered abuse and mistreatment at the hands of his step-family but his life unfolds in an exciting manner as Jason discovers a new world of possibilities. Read about Jason navigating his trauma in a fantastical setting.

The Unloved Boy


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The Unloved Boy by Sharique Zea is the exciting new book full of magic, adventure and hope. Embark on a delightful journey as The Unloved Boy introduces you to a world of strength and endless possibilities. 


What They Says

Sharique Zea

Inspired by the stories he would write for his children, Sharique Zea decided that there should be more books about hope and the ability to not give up. His debut novel, The Unloved Boy, is a remarkable story about an orphan who navigates his life with courage and magic.

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Don’t miss out on exciting news related to Sharique Zea and his book, The Unloved Boy. Follow the latest updates and trends regarding Sharique’s monumental work. Read more about the book here.

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